About Vetri Life Sciences

Vetri Life Sciences (VLS) advances transformative medicines and devices development through investments, partnerships with medical entrepreneurs by providing an ecosystem for conceptualization to commercialization.

We do that by leveraging our deep expertise in the area that makes us nimble and focused. We have unique principles that shape our culture. We’re focused on creating value and believe in continuous evolution above all else.

About Vetri Life Sciences

VLS is a partner of choice for your passion, ideas and profound scientific and medical experience. We help you realize your vision of finding solutions to the patients’ wait time. We believe in our investee partners and work in spirit and kind to walk the journey together.

Our unique “medical concept to markets” approach ensures that your passionate invention is actualized without huge equity dilutions. Work with us to discover how we help you keep focused on medical innovation while we handle the strategic business issues which are critical to advancing your innovation.

VLS works with entrepreneurs right from seed investments to capital raising, research and development and commercialization using in house and global experts driven by insights augmented by data sciences and analytics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dramatically reduce redundancies in the drug development process through effective usage of technology. We want to use data-driven approach from real-world data evidence for clinical strategy, study designs, protocols development, conducting trials and market access.

Our Vision

We envision and are working towards a world where human health is improved by quick identification of the right formulation candidates are brought to the markets in an accelerated manner. Vetri Life Sciences has proven to be a catalyst for this industry-wide transformation and will continue to be at the forefront of this change.

About Vetri Life Sciences

Our Experience





Our Investment Portfolio

Vetri Life Sciences has invested in a broad range of innovative life sciences companies both in private and public capital markets. The investments have spanned across from Seed funding to Pre Series A funding. VLS has been a lead / co-lead investor in a few companies who have shown tremendous promise with regards to innovation and commercialization potential.

With several successful exits to our credit, we have been able to partner with investee companies in journey for future capital raising, mergers and acquisitions

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