Investments That Help Bring Life Saving Formulations To Light

Vetri Life Sciences has the business acumen to identify right investment opportunities. Our investment ideology is aimed at providing the right opportunities to the right entities. We feel it’s our responsibility to fund and support life-changing formulations that can help eradicate human suffering to a great extent.

We believe that in order to create a sustainable business, the investments should be done in a responsible way. Thats why our in-house research team goes to great lengths while discovering workable investment avenues. Our forte is in creating a perfect harmony amongst asset classes, locations and multiple stakeholders thus creating a very ethical, transparent and responsible investments environment.

Our Approach To Responsible Investments

At Vetri Life Sciences we have a well laid out approach towards investments. Here are the core governing values of the same.

ESG Factors: Environmental, social and governance factors are at top of our investment criterion. A business should be meaningful and caring to those whom it affects the most.

Engagement & Voting: Keeping ESG factors at the top, we take the best interest of the parties involved into due consideration before investing.

Exclusion: If any of the parties concerned are found to be involved in dubious activities then we refrain from extending our expertise to them. Also, if we have sufficient evidence that establishes that our efforts and values are not completely imbibed by the beneficiary company then we are quick in excluding them.

Reporting: We provide exhaustive reports of our every activity to all the stakeholders and those who are directly engaged with us. Providing utmost transparency in our deals is a passion with us.

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