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The expert team at Vetri Life Sciences performs molecule due diligence for unmet medical needs for its own portfolio or as a service offering to our clients. We develop research strategies for collection of a wide variety of sources of information including Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) and analyze the data for product development.

The data-driven approach would help us in successful trial design, protocol development, site selection, patient recruitment, prediction of patient dropouts and clinical trial outcome. Hence reducing the cost and trial completion timelines which ultimately keeps the prices of products low once approved and make them affordable.


Vetri Life Sciences performs due diligence to identify molecules from pre-clinical or clinical stages for product development. We have expertise in the collection of published and real-world data/evidence information and analyze it for molecule due diligence for development.

Our team understands In and out-licensing models coupled with scientific evidence and market scope for identification of molecules. We perform a holistic review of data collected and analyze it in the wider context of currently available treatment for indication and proposed target product profile, the potential for regulatory approval and reimbursement. This involves the coordination and collaboration of multiple subject matter experts within Vetri Life Sciences.

We understand that many pharmaceutical companies and investors lack the expertise to assess the molecule asset for further development. Vetri Life Sciences has experience reviewing regulatory, pre-clinical, CMC, clinical and commercial information on behalf of many pharma and investment clients for the purposes of acquisition, partnership, divestment or investment.

Our due diligence strategy and approach consists of a team of experts who dedicatedly assess non-confidential and confidential information available from public domains, sponsors/ clients and analyze benefit-risk ratio for the deal for investment, deal structuring for asset valuation and underwriting.

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