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Vetri Life Sciences provides expert consultancy for all the facets of new product development in pharmaceuticals and health sciences domain. From initial analysis to exploring the commercial viability of the project. If you need help we are there to handhold you through every stage.

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Holistic Strategy

If you have an idea that needs an infusion of commercial logic, we are here to help you. There are many gems of therapies that are lying undiscovered and undervalued. If you think you have one, then reach out to us. Our strategic insights will help you evaluate your concept and its commercial value. 

Patents & IP

Protecting your concepts and ideas legally is vital in the world of pharmaceuticals and health sciences. For that to happen, you need legal experts who know how things move in this arena. That would be us. Our legal experts have decades of experience in the niche and will assist you in being legally covered.

Intellectual Property Monetization

While you focus on improving your concept/product, our team works towards the monetization of your IP. Here we assist you with marketing analysis, contract negotiations, technology evaluations and other necessary processes.

Regulatory Compliance 

Pharmaceuticals and health sciences by its very nature is a highly regulated industry. Meeting stringent regulatory norms as set by various regulatory authorities is not easy. Thats where our compliance experts come into the picture. Our experts can help you meet every compliance requirement perfectly.

Manufacturing and Commercializiation 

 Quality manufacturing and then marketing the product is a pretty complex process. Our consultancy services can provide precise solutions for it. From efficient manufacturing to proper market launch strategies, we are here to provide you with all.

Financial Management

Making a viable product is all about delivering things on time and within budgets. Our expert financial consultants can help you with every facet of money management. We ensure that you remain in a healthy financial state so that there are no ugly surprises in your business success story.

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